National Tournament Calendar

Organization and Contact: 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
American Debate Association March 9-11
Michael Hall, Liberty University Tournament Locations: Wake Forest University
Cross Examination Debate Association March 23-26 March 21-25
Dr. Gordon Stables, University of Southern California Tournament Locations: Idaho State Univ. Indiana Univ.
Joanne Edwards, University of Mississippi Tournament Locations:
National Debate Tournament March 28-April 1 March 27-April 1  April 2-6
Dr. John Fritsch, University of Northern Iowa Tournament Locations: Weber State Univ. Indiana Univ. University of Iowa
National Forensic Association April 18-22 April 17-21
Larry Schnoor Tournament Locations: Marshall Univ. Eastern Michigan Univ. Ohio Univ.
National Individual Events Tournament April 5-8 April 4-7 April 3-6
Dr. Peter Pober, George Mason University Tournament Locations: Hutchinson Community College Arizona State Univ. Lewis & Clark College
Phi Rho Pi April 16-20 April 7-12
Prof. Jeff Przybylo, Harper College Tournament Locations: Woodland Hills, CA Denver, CO Cleveland, OH
Pi Kappa Delta March 13-16
Gina Jensen, Webster University Tournament Locations: Webster University, St. Louis Ohio University, Athens, OH
National Parliamentary Debate Association March 22-25 March 20-23 March 14-17
Joe Gantt, Lewis & Clark College Tournament Locations: University of the Pacific Northern Arizona University Kansas City Kansas Community College
Interstate Oratorical Association April 26-27 April 25-26
Larry Schnoor Tournament Locations: Louisiana State University-Shreveport James Madison Univ.
NEDA March 8-9
Mike Bauer, Ball State University Tournament Locations: Clemson University
Novice Nationals March 8-10 March 14-16 March 13-15
Dr. Chris Fenner, University of West Florida Tournament Locations: Berry College Northern Illinois University Butler University University of Louisiana-Lafayette University of West Florida
National Christian College Forensics Invitational March 9-11 March 8-10 March 20-22
Prof. Jay Bourne, Univ. of the Cumberlands Tournament Locations: John Brown University California Baptist Univ. Colorado Christian Univ.
Pi Kappa Delta Comprehensive Invitational (aka Off-Year Nationals) March 19-24
Scott Jensen, Webster Univ. Tournament Locations: Indianapolis, IN
National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence March 17-20 March 20-22
Joe Blasdel, McKendree College Tournament Locations: University of Nevada, Reno William Jewell College
International Forensics Association March 10-12 March 17-18
Dr. Clark Olson, Arizona State University Tournament Locations: Antwerp, Belgium Paris, France Barcelona, Spain
International Parliamentary Debate Association March 21-24 April 10-13 March 25-29
Jorji Jarzabek, Louisiana State University-Shreveport Tournament Locations: University of Arkansas-Monticello Middle Tennessee State Univ. Boise State University

General rules about tournament dates — subject to change as noted above:

  • ADA – 2nd weekend of March
  • CEDA – 3rd weekend of March
  • DSR-TKA – 3rd weekend of March
  • NDT – Last full weekend in March (not on Easter) or 1st weekend in April
  • NFA – 3rd weekend of April
  • NIET – First weekend in April (Friday-Monday); if the 1st is on Saturday, then it is that weekend
  • PRP – 2nd full week in April (Monday-Saturday)
  • PKD – 2nd or 3rd week in March (odd years only)
  • NFL – 3rd week in June
  • Interstate Oratory – Last weekend in April
  • NEDA – Last weekend in March
  • Novice Nationals – 2nd or 3rd weekend in March (Friday-Sunday) (should not conflict with NPDA or NCCFI)
  • NPDA – Last weekend in March
  • NCCFI – 2nd weekend in March (should not conflict with Novice Nationals)
  • Forensic Honorary – 1st or 2nd weekend in March (not during PKD years)
  • NPTE – Normally 1-2 weeks before NPDA Nationals.
  • ARTa – 1st weekend in May