Information About College Forensics

Tournament information, guides to selecting programs, and more:

  • Update on COFO calendar: (Friday, 12/13, 11:50 p.m.) Much of the database of tournaments from December 2013 to May 2014 has now been recovered, and additional tournaments have been added. 180 tournaments are now in the database. 
  • The calendar has moved to a new location – – and additional data recovery will eventually take place (i.e., adding Fall 2013 tournaments, 2012-2013 tournaments. Given the number of tournaments that have to be recovered – nearly 500 – this will take some time.) Any requests to the old URL ( should redirect automatically.
  • Functionality to add tournaments directly will soon be added. For now, please email the webmaster (mdreher at with information including invitation (if possible), events, number of rounds, location, and tournament director.
  • 2012-2013 calendar information can also be found on the “tournament calendar” link as well. 347 tournaments are included (update: these will be restored soon). Note: Policy debate tournaments have now moved to
  • For reference, the 2011-2012 calendar 2011-2012 calendar (version 35, January 22, 2012) is still available. For researchers needing past calendars, please contact the webmaster.
  • Allen Louden’s guide to selecting a college debate program (also lots of good information for individual events as well)
  • A brief list of some intercollegiate debate workshops (IPDA, NPDA, NFA-LD) is now available.
  • Other information, such as justifications for programs, is under development.

About the Council of Forensic Organizations

The Council of Forensic Organizations is an intercollegiate organization consisting of representatives of various national speech and debate organizations. COFO was started in 1984 to increase dialogue between the organizations. One of the main purposes of COFO was to create a national tournament calendar. However, COFO has also become involved with general issues related to the intercollegiate speech and debate communities.