Information About College Forensics

Updates to the website, tournament information, guides to selecting programs, and more:

  • It’s time to now send in information both for regular tournaments and national tournament dates. 2014-2015 tournaments are now being added to the database. Please note one change from last year: British Parli (World’s Style) debate is now listed as BP in the calendar. Previously it had been tagged as “World’s.” This will impact searches from previous years. Use the tag “World’s” to search before Fall 2014; use “BP” starting with Fall 2014.
  • Also, I’ve created a new tag called “details coming.” The details coming tag most often means that an invitation will be coming soon. It may also mean that the particular tournament has either added or dropped an event, and more details as far as prelims/elims will be available upon receipt of the invitation. Example: The Trapper Rendezvous has added BP debate this year. So, there’s a “details coming” tag to indicate that I don’t have the number of prelims/elims for that form of debate as of yet.
  • Update on data recovery: data recovery is continuing. The webmaster has found information on almost all of the past Fall 2012, Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 tournaments. I’ve found at least some information on 518 tournaments between Fall 2012 and Fall 2013. So that I can make other improvements and updates to the site, it is likely that I will simply upload the entire spreadsheet as a PDF file. This list of tournament information will be uploaded during the summer of 2014 (there are still a few more details I’m trying to get down). The database should be accurate from December 2013 through the present; for those doing research on December 2013-May 2014 tournaments, please consult both the spreadsheet and the database.
  • Any requests to the old URL ( should redirect automatically.
  • Functionality to add tournaments directly will soon be added – there are a couple of minor problems that have been found in testing and are awaiting a fix from the plugin developer. For now, please email the webmaster (mdreher at with information including invitation (if possible), events, number of rounds, location, and tournament director.
  • Policy debate tournaments are on
  • Allen Louden’s guide to selecting a college debate program (also lots of good information for individual events as well)
  • A brief list of some intercollegiate debate workshops (IPDA, NPDA, NFA-LD) is now available.
  • Other information, such as justifications for programs, is under development.

About the Council of Forensic Organizations

The Council of Forensic Organizations is an intercollegiate organization consisting of representatives of various national speech and debate organizations. COFO was started in 1984 to increase dialogue between the organizations. One of the main purposes of COFO was to create a national tournament calendar. However, COFO has also become involved with general issues related to the intercollegiate speech and debate communities.